About Me


My name is Jordan.

I like to understand how things work. This encompasses a broad range of topics, which I won’t bore you with here.

I’m not sure what the eventual outcome of this blog will be, but thanks for getting this far!

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Complete shot in the dark here, but I’m a student who is trying to rip a course smart e-textbook to a PDF format… I saw some article online where I think you may have accomplished this feat before, and I did a bunch of googling which lead me here. I’m not very tech savvy.

    Anyway, I’m willing to pay to have this done, let me know if you can do it, and what you would charge. I can paypal the funds.


  2. Hey Jordan, I came across your profile on StackOverflow, and thought I would reach out. We’re a small creative tech + product development studio with offices in Buffalo and NYC, and we’re hiring. Particularly looking for a full stack developer (LAMP). If you’re at all interested in hearing about the position, please feel free to email me.
    – Liz

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